We all have rights: A resource for educators and students with opioid use disorder


Americans with opioid dependence are moving to the margins of society as they lose their jobs or are unable to continue their education making it extremely difficult to rehabilitate or remain rehabilitated. Below are resources for educators and students with opioid use disorder, families, schools, and legal counsel outlining rights and protections in accordance with federal anti-discrimination and civil rights laws. More information can be found here: Know Your Rights: Legal Guidance for Educators and Students with Opioid Dependence Disorders


Q: As a teacher, is my job safe if I leave for treatment related to my opioid dependence, including detoxification treatment?

Q: As a high school student, what support services am I entitled to during treatment for opioid dependence or while in recovery?

Q: As a college student, can I take additional time to complete a program or return to school after an extended leave of absence due to my opioid dependence?

Q: As a family member, am I able to leave work to care for a relative with opioid dependence?