Find Peace in the Age of Information Overload

As a result of modern pressures and digital devices, our attention is hardly ever on one thing. As a result, our cognitive capacity suffers. Meditation may help our students (and us) find peace of mind and build healthy relationships with technology. Our exposure to technology is only going to grow, so how do we better cope in the digital age? I believe meditation, or more specifically, mindfulness, is the key to finding peace and fostering a healthy relationship with technol

Six Questions We Are Not Asking Ourselves About Personalized Learning

The big promise of personalized learning and the six crucial questions educators aren’t asking, but need to be. Considering what we know about human cognition and considering that personalized learning is pitched to us by the private, business sector and lacks credible data to support its merit, we may want to dig deeper and ask ourselves the following questions. Progressive educators may all agree that differentiated instruction is important to meet the needs of diverse lear

The Truth About Disruptive Innovation

While businessmen push for "personalized learning," teachers remain critical of the agenda. Dissatisfied with the state of public education, some look to businessmen, like Michael Horn of Innosight and the Clay Christensen Institute, for saving. But, educators know better than to let pro-market reformers hijack public education. When Michael Horn confidently walks across the front of the room with his red tie and dark blue suit, speaking about transforming education through d